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Computer Casing
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12 Boy Scouts councils scattered across the Philippines had now a computer center with no less than 5 computers each. A special mention to Cotabato council, which had set up internet connection for all its computers. (Please see the Distribution List for detailed information)
Similarly, National Office and Regional Offices had been allocated computer unit(s), a move in line with the “automation program” by BSP. It is set to seek enhanced communication between all BSP offices.
A total figure of 116 had attended the ‘training’ between the 12 councils. This figure includes senior scouts, volunteers, and council staffs, whom might be the core group members for future training programs.
Trainings for the participants include the basic operation and uses of the computer, e.g. holding and using a mouse, resizing the window, typing on MS Words, and creating table using MS Excel.
Most participants had been enthusiastic about acquiring IT knowledge during training, and had went away feeling comfortable and confident in utilizing a computer.
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