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Computer Casing
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The need to purchase the adapters to convert the three pins power plug to the two flat pins used for all electrical equipment here. (more funds for equipment to be set aside and seed fund to be initiated as soon as possible)
Most councils do have an bare adequate room for the computers, however on a long term basis it will be found wanting. (most councils had their units in the boardroom now, it will be appropriate to set partition as a room for the units with enough space for the users. windows, fans and/or air con must be installed/repaired to protect the units from elements of nature)
The fluctuating power source which causes power surge and unexpected electrical blackout. (purchases of AVR, or UPS to counter the ill effects of the power source on the computers)
Transportation of computers units, especially so after looking at the number of damaged monitors. (ways must be looked into how to transport the units directly from Manila to respective locations to reduce the probability of any damages)
Not all recipient councils seems to realize the essence of the project’s objectives. (more active communications and actions should be sought from parties involved)
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