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INitiate Implementation Site
How to qualify as a INitiate implementation site?
A set of selection criteria is set to shortlist suitable schools/organisation for participation in this project. These include :
A. Basic infrastructure
  To afford the proper housing and running of the computer equipment, it is essential that the target location should have:
1. At least 80% stability and consistency of power supply.
2. Suitable rooms with enough power points to accommodate the anticipated number of computers.
3. Proper ventilation, and acceptable level of humidity and temperature fluctuations.
4. Proper security to ensure that the equipment would not be easily accessible to unauthorised personnel.
B. Academic standing (of school)

Despite the desire to assist as many schools as we can in a particular country, the project team was unfortunately bound by limited resources and manpower, and as such had to target the institutions that would have the highest chance of success. The committee has accredited the academic standing as a factor in making this consideration. It was hoped that the academic standing of the school would correspondingly reflect the capacity of its student to in accepting something new in the curriculum, and that they will also be more willing to participate and continue with the project. Albeit its inaccuracy.

C. Level of commitment
Through correspondences and interaction with the schools/organisation, the project is to determine the level of commitment and enthusiasm exhibited by its staff. This is an especially crucial factor in determining the level of success in garnering proper feedback on the program.

If you are interested to be a INitiate Implementation Site and you meet all the above criteria, send us an email

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