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Implementing Agency
Roles and Responsibilities of Implementing Agency

Upon the acceptance of the project, IA will be considered to have accepted all terms and condition as stated below.


Criteria for the appointment of Implementing Agency for Project INitiate as stated below:

Application to be made to INitiate Secretariat in Singapore.
Upon the formal acknowledgement from IS, IA is given full authority to execute the programme as stated in the contract. IA is to form a management committee to manage and monitor the project execution.
IA is given full authority to solicit and managed the funds collect from any sources (except those indicated by IS) upon the formal acknowledgement from IS.
IA Management Committee will be responsible for the execution of the entire project throughout the period of commitment as stated in the official document.
IA has to ensure that all items listed in the contract and formal discussions are being delivered and adhered to the dateline of fulfillment.
All official correspondences to government agencies are to be submitted to IS, Comms/PR Manager for clearance.
IA Management Members or any of their appointed agents are not allow to deal directly or provide any additional commitment to the government agency on site other than those stated in the contract.
All remaining and unused fund after the implementation period / contractual period of the project are to be channeled back to IS for use in other sites development unless otherwise stated.
All media related matters will be handled by IS unless otherwise stated. IA is to prepare a draft PR to be submitted to IS ONE month before the intended release. However, for PR pertaining to a particular site, IS will appoint spokesman from the IA committee and brief the person on the necessary information.
IA management members and all their volunteers are to strictly follow all guidelines as set by the People's Association for overseas expedition.
IA is to work closely with the IS permanent volunteer on site for execution of the on-site programme. IA is encouraged to arrange a member to join IS official during the site visit.
IS reserve to right to terminate the IA status by the instruction of People's Association, or when conditions as listed above are not abided. Upon termination, IA immediately loss its right to manage all matters and funding of the project. Such responsibility will then be transfer to IS for appropriate settlement. IS reserved the rights to amend these conditions from time to time with prior notice to the IA.
INitiate Secretariat, People's Association Youth Movement
(hereinafter called "IS")

INitiate Appointed Implemented Agency (hereinafter called "IA")

If you are interested to be a INitiate Implementation Agency, send us an email  
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