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Thank you for your application to Project INitiate.
INitiate offer 2 type of volunteer programme.
Long Term (<6 months On-site) and Short Term (2 weeks) programme.
A potential candidate should possess some of the following qualities:
Computer-literate; able to handle computer hardware and software
(e.g. Windows and MS Office) independently
Able to setup a simple Local Area Network
A passion / desire to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries.
Mature, adaptable with strong interpersonal skills
Willing to work where you are most needed. A team player with initiative.
To help us know you better as a Volunteer,
please fill out the following online form and sent to us.
Personal Particulers
Type of Volunteer :
First Name :
Last Name :
Contact (Home) :
Contact (Mobile) :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip :
Country :
Email :
Gender : Female Male
Date of Birth(MM/DD/YY) :
Do you have a spouse or domestic partner? Yes No

Would you want your spouse or domestic partner to accompany you?
Yes No N/A

Employment Particulars

Current Employer :
Job Title :
Type of Company :
If "other", specify :
Does your company allow leaves of absences or sabbaticals?
Yes No
Previous Employer :
Job Title :
Type of Company :
If "other", specify :
If you have an online resume, please enter the URL here.
We especially encourage project-based resumes and links to
portfolios of your work.
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Education Particulars
What's the higest degree you've been granted? :
School :
Year degree/diploma granted :
Major or concentration :
Tell us about your skills by checking all the boxes that apply. Use the text box to elaborate, indicate skills we have not listed and clue us in on your comfort level with certain areas (i.e. programming languages if you checked programming).

Business Strategy
End User Training



Any elaborations?
Tell us about any training you have done in your community,
either technical or otherwise.
Do you like to volunteer your time to a community project or special issue ?
Do you have any foreign language skills ?
Languages :
Have you traveled and/or worked in a developing country ?
If yes, tell us about it! (Where did you go, what did you do, did you have fun ?)
Even if you have not traveled to the developing world,
tell us about encounters you have had with other cultures?
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When are you available to be deploy?

Other (please specify):

Are there regions you'd prefer to be posted to?
No Preference

Statement of Interest
Initiate is looking for a cadre of volunteers who are committed to bridging the digital divide one business at a time. We are asking you to be flexible, mature and open to experiences that challenge your personal and professional existence. A statement of interest is your chance to tell us in your own words why in the world you would want to do this.
Is there anything else we should know about you that would help us decide whether you're the right person to be a part of our team?

Initiate will only be able to limited numbers of volunteers for our program at each site. If you're not one of the few we can bring to the site of your choice, do you want to be considered for other Initiate programs in the future?
Yes No

Initiate works with other organizations who send skilled volunteers overseas. Would you like to hear about opportunities that match your skills offered by organizations other than Initiate?
Yes No

How did you hear about Initiate?
Mainstream Media - TV, newspaper, etc.
Geek Media - UserFriendly, Slashdot, etc.
A friend told me about it.
My employer told me about it.
Just surfed onto the site.
Through a volunteer clearinghouse.
Saw a booth at a tradeshow.

  Reset Form
And, if for some reason our server isn't cooperating with you - we apologize.
If this form fails, we suggest emailing the appropriate information to us at: enquiry@initiate.ws


Frequently Asked Questions for the Short Term programe.
Click Here to read the FAQ.
Frequently Asked Questions for the Long Term programe.
Click Here to read the FAQ.
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