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What is INitiate?
Project INitiate-Nepal (INternational IT Instructional Assistance and Training Efforts), an overseas community service project originated by Buona Vista Community Club Youth Executive Committee, under the People's Association Youth Movement (the largest volunteers based youth organisation in Singapore).
Initiate Nepal Working with Computers


What are its objectives?
To increase I.T awareness and literacy in a developing countries by introducing computer technology in selected government schools or government agencies by means of providing the hardware, software and a comprehensive IT training programme.
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Vision & Mission Statement
Why Initiate?
Project INitiate, which was officially launched by Mr Lim Swee Say, Acting Minister for Environment & Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology in June 1999, aims to create awareness of computer technology to youths and students in developing countries by means of:
1. Extending a helping hand to our friends with skills and technology that we possess.
2. Encouraging others to find beneficial ways of extending the life-span of recent technologies.
3. Nurturing and instilling the spirit of caring, sharing and compassion amongst local youths and encourage a sense of thoughtfulness for the less fortunate and most importantly learn to appreciate what they have been provided at home.
4. Further propelling friendly ties with our neighbours into the future.
School Children Classroom
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How to qualify as a INitiate implementation site?
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What we hope to achieve?
1. Participants are given the opportunity to be equipped with IT skills.
2. IT training be adopted as an integral part of overall training; participants would learn to embrace the wonders of IT technology.
3. To create to successful implementation model to be clone to the other part of the country.
4. Other organisations would also tread our path in this quest to help even more people, especially youth around the world.
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Expansion Plans

With the success of the implementation model in Nepal, INitiate is moving on to other developing countries to implement a similar programme.

Todate, we have received numerous requests from authorities in Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Seychelles, Indonesia and Bhutan to embark on a programme in their country. We are currently in the evaluation stages.

Local network
In view that Project INitiate is a programme that has been widely received by youth in Singapore, we are in the process of involving more of youth organisation to undertake the implementation of the programme in other countries. By adopting the franchise concept, we provide a set of standard operating procedures to these organisation to assist them in the rolling out process. Active involvement by the INitiate Nepal team and guidance by the secretariat is also provided to these organisations throughout the various stages of implementation.
International network
Besides having volunteers in Singapore, Project INitiate has involved volunteers from UK, Slovenia, Hong Kong (China), Australia and Indonesia in its pilot project. We have also received the support from organisations in the United Kingdom to participate in the overseas community service activities. Additionally, with the strong network of over 100 universities from the United States of America and Australia, this sizeable number of overseas volunteers would definitely boost the success of the INitiate Programme.

The Project INitiate plans to reach out to at least 3 Asian countries by year 2002 and 2 regions within Africa by year 2003.

By the end of year 2004, the Project INitiate will be able to establish an international network with countries of each major continent.

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